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The 40th Reunion of the Hastings Class of '75
Friday through Sunday

The 40th Reunion of the Hastings Class of '75
Friday through Sunday

Nancy Skultety Gagliardi and Alan Fine are pleased to be the hosts for our Class of 1975 40th reunion.

We have decided the theme will be "Keeping It Simple." Actually, that has been our theme for years. We want everyone to attend, so as in the past, all events are free!

Please RSVP using this Facebook event page and then invite all as many classmates as you can from your contact lists. We are hoping this will fill in gaps and help us find missing people. The Facebook event page will also let people know who is attending. The more people checking in, the better our chance of those on the fence attending as well.

If we tweak the events, you will know instantly if you visit this Facebook page, but we will probably send one more email just before the date as well.

So far, the events are:

FRIDAY 9/25/15

Art Show
Ronald J. Feaster Memorial Art Scholarship Silent Auction
Noon-5PM (Also Saturday 9:30AM - 5PM)
Art from artists from all Hastings classes are up for auction to benefit the Hastings Alumni Association and its new Ronald J. Feaster scholarship. Spot an alumni masterpiece, buy it and bring it home.
Hastings Library
7 Maple Avenue, Hastings-on-Hudson, NY 10706

Adding an attraction for our Homecoming Itinerary:
Alfred Hitchcock's "Rear Window"
In Miniature
Thursday - Saturday 10am - 5pm
Sunday Noon - 5pm
579 Warburton Avenue
Moviehouse Mews Shop #6
Hastings-on-Hudson NY 10706!about/c1enr

The Annual Alumni Association Welcome Cocktail Party
6:30PM to late
Where the food is abundant , FREE, and the drinks are really cheap and benefit the Alumni Association's scholarship funds.
James V. Harmon Community Center
44 Main Street
Hastings-On-Hudson, NY 10706

SATURDAY 9/26/15
Breakfast, Brief Alumni Association Meeting & Tour of the High School
9 AM - 10:30AM in the lobby.
Donuts, bagels, a schmeer and some coffee.
Tour lead by your reunion hosts, Nancy Skultety Gagliardi and Alan Fine

Art Show
Ronald J. Feaster Memorial Art Scholarship Silent Auction
Art from artists from all classes are up for auction to benefit the Hastings Alumni Association and its scholarship programs, specifically the new Ronald J. Feaster scholarship. Spot an alumni masterpiece, buy it and bring it home.
Hastings Library
7 Maple Avenue, Hastings-on-Hudson, NY 10706

Class Trip!
Hastings Historical Society at Draper Park
11:30AM - 1:30 PM
407 Broadway, Hastings-On-Hudson, NY 10706
Learn more here

Homecoming Game!
At Reynolds Field against Briarcliff.
Come cheer our team and say goodbye to the field as we know it!

Meet at Harvest-on-Hudson
Dinner and/or Drinks 8PM
1 River St, Hastings-On-Hudson, NY 10706

Drinks at Maud's

SUNDAY 9/27/15
Either the venerable Center Restaurant, 540 Warburton Ave, if we have a lot of people,
the new upstart Antoinette's Patisserie, 417 Warburton Ave, which has outside seating if we take over the place. Click here to see a picture.


If you don't have anyone to stay with, please use our Facebook page to post a request. You never know unless you ask, right? Otherwise, below are two hotels just south of the Hastings boarder past Andrus and Graham School on Broadway, so they are really convenient.

Hampton Inn & Suites Yonkers
160 Corporate Blvd
Yonkers, NY 10701
(914) 377-1144

and the

Residence Inn Yonkers Westchester County
7 Executive Blvd
Yonkers, NY 10701
(914) 476-4600

Well, that's it for now. Please visit Facebook for immediate gratification or wait for our next email to the group.

Thanks everyone. Hope to see you at our reunion!

Nancy Skultety Gagliardi & Alan Fine

Our mailing address is:
Hastings Alumni Association
1 Mount Hope Boulevard
Hastings-on-Hudson, NY 10706


The Hastings Alumni Association & the Hastings Friday Night Live Committee invited you to the

Friday, 9/16/11 6-9PM

At the world famous
"Boulanger Plaza Amphitheatre"

Click here to learn all about it!

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Yellow Jacket Jam DVD
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~ Friday, October 21st ~
James V. Harmon Community Center 7:30 – 9:30 pm.

We found out what we never knew about
Ed Sullivan!

Backstage at the Ed Sullivan Show

Bill Bohnert, Hastings Class of 1950, Art Director & Hall of Excellence Inductee,
designed sets for the Ed Sullivan Show.

The Rainwater Grill served lobster tails, comfort food and drinks on candlelit tables
while Bill gave a behind-the-scenes tour of the popular show complete with clips.
Rainwater donated 10% of their sales to the Hastings Alumni Association!
Admission was free.

~ Saturday, October 22nd 6:15pm ~

Hall of Excellence Dinner at The Riverview, 1 Warburton Ave., Hastings.


Decade of the 1970’s. #1. Staton Rabin ’76, award winning author of historical novels for young people – including BETSY AND THE EMPEROR and MR. LINCOLN’S BOYS. Staton is also a guest lecturer and movie script analyst. Nominated by Ed Caccia, Class Representative for the Class of 1976 (Commentary from Ed: Our HHS classmates can catch up on Staton's amazing life and achievements on her website, Well wishers can reach Staton directly at:

Nominees eligible from prior election year – 2009.

Decade of the 1950’s -- #2. Bill Bohnert ’50, Emmy Award Nominated Television Production and Set Designer. The Ed Sullivan Show and hundreds more. Nominated by Macky Olsen, Class Representative for the Class of ’50.

Decade of the 1960’s – #3. Steve Collins ’65, movie actor (All the Presidents Men), TV actor (7th Heaven), writer and musician (Steve Collins and the 7th Band). Nominated by Bill Cook Representative for the Class of 1965.

First Time Nominees Inducted:

#4. Donald L. Maricle ’51, PhD in Chemistry (MIT). Inventor of the first successful lithium battery. Discovered electrochemiluminescence and developed electro-organic synthesis. A fuel cell pioneer. Inventor, researcher and corporate project mgr. Nominated by Julia Scott Maser Class of 1951.

#5. G. Michael Howard ’53, PhD in Chemical Engineering (UCONN) Professor Emeritus. An outstanding teacher, administrator (A. Dean) and revered advisor at University of Connecticut for fifty years. Nominated by Adm. Ronald Jesberg Representative Class of 1953.

#6. Robert H. Hirst ’59, PhD University of Cal. (Berkeley) General Editor and Official Curator of the Mark Twain Project and Papers at the University of California. Editor, lecturer and world-renowned expert on Mark Twain. Nominated by Mike Haugh Representative Class of 1959.

HHS Alumni Association Honorary Award for Two Olympic Games Participants Who Will Not Be Present At The 2011 Hall of Excellence Dinner. They received the highest number of votes in the 2011 elections. We know of no other HHS Alumni in their 90’s who will be present.

Decade of the 1930’s. The Lysak Brothers – Steve ’31 and John ’36. Steve Lysak won Gold and Silver Medals in canoeing in the 1948 Olympic Games. John Lysak earned a place on the 1936 Olympic Team and placed 7th in canoeing in the 1936 Olympic Games. At ninety-six, John is one of the oldest living USA Olympians (he lives in Fremont, CA.) Steve died in 2002, but the Board has voted to permit the Lysak Brothers nomination as a joint-candidacy. Nominated by Julius Chemka ’45,

Courtesy Hastings Historical Society

For those of you who may not remember, it was very special to have a little "movie-house" right there on Warburton Avenue. A new incarnation of the famed venue will be represented by a series of movie events in the high school auditorium hosted by the Alumni Association. Proceeds will benefit seniors in the form of college scholarships.

Like the Bijou Theaters of old, the series is less a movie showing than an "event." Alan Fine, the Director of Special Events for the Alumni Association, has an agreement with Paramount Pictures to donate promotional and raffle items. Every admission ticket receives a movie gift (while supplies last) and is a chance to win one of the raffle items. Local merchants also offer prizes and raffle items.

The next "The Hastings Theater II, The Sequel" will be the Friday of Homecoming, October 21st. Movies, guests and grand prizes to be announced!

Courtesy Hastings Historical Society

Homecoming 2010

The Hastings Class of '75
35th Anniversary Reunion

(Please send your pictures to so we can post and archive them all in one place.)

30th Anniversary Reunion

25th Anniversary Reunion

20th Anniversary Reunion

A found photo from Jan Sidebotham
You're gonna love this one. (It was left large so you can pan right, left, up and down or zoom to see everyone in detail.)

An Explanation From Jan: "Hi All... Over the last few months, I've been reorganizing (overhauling) my personal life, and in the course of going through old stuff, I found this photo, that I've been meaning -- since the 30th reunion -- to get to Alan to put on the website... It's a photo of the conservation club in the fall of (I think) 1973, when we were in tenth grade. A bunch of us went up to Elmira, NY, after a bad flood to canvass neighborhoods on behalf of some organization to see who needed help... It's like something out of central casting for a 1970's movie -- by Will Ferrell, I'm afraid. Anyway, can you find: Peter Andrews, Jane Gaughran, the lovely Louise, Corey Shaff, Robbie Carlson, Peter Hazou, Jeffrey Feinstein, Michael Schmais, David Heston, Barbara Harnack, Cindy Barr, Emily Singer...? Hey Virrill, how come you weren't there? Didn't you want to help the flood victims?"

Who's ASSES are these?
March 19, 1974

Click on the picture for more detail.

From left to right are:
Joe Pagan, Pierre Belarge, Chuck Caruso and Nick McMaster.
(Other guesses were Dave Richter, Larry Kaiser, Billy Kotiatis, and Keith Olbermann)

Here is the real story, from Barbara Schmidt:

"Barbara Minkewitz and I had a bet with these boys (in writing) that they would STREAK across 5 corners on this day at this time. (how or why this bet evolved I have no idea?). If they did, we would each pay them $25.00 dollars!! And of course we paid!! But what they did not know was that we advised every teacher and student in HHS of this event!! Oh and we also called the news and the police!! The morning of the STREAK, we all met at my parent’s apartment on Main Street. By this time the boys started getting cold feet…they grabbed various disguises from my fathers closet (his ski mask etc) , had a quick “whiskey shot” to calm the nerves and off they went. To see their faces when we arrived and they saw all the people on each corner and the police car and the news cameras….. it was hysterical! But they still went ahead…..they were so much fun!!!"

To which Pierre Belarge answered:

"Barbara says she cannot remember how the bet started, so I will relate my vague memory of it. During wrestling practice we would walk from the wrestling room upstairs down to the locker room. One day we were walking down with very little clothing (ah... no clothing) and the cheerleaders (some of them) were in the hall down by the locker room. After we showered and dressed, they saw us in the hall and made the bet. I remember Barbara Schmidt and Barbara Minkowitz were there. If there were others, then my memory fails me...whats new? Dave Richter and a few others ran through the school a couple of days later. I believe Dave broke his leg or ankle falling."