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The Hastings Class of '75
25th Anniversary Reunion
Recap Page!

Last updated 8/2/04

New picnic pictures at the bottom!!! (Click here to jump there.)

(Photo: David Walters and Niki Michaelides Schein)

Alan's Initial Reunion Report (Friday Night, written Saturday Morning, before the school tour)

The reuion kicked off last night at Maud's. I'd write more, but I have a hangover.

Alan's Second Reunion Report (Saturday, written Sunday Morning, before breakfast at the Center Restaurant)

Hangover better, but not gone.

Maud's was -- as before -- the perfect way to kick off our weekend. The best part was seeing people who hadn't personally RSVPed and just dropped in: Billy Kotiadis, Dave Virrill and his fiance, the Kobloshes (Kim Thornton and Karen Flaherty), and Niki Michaelides Cirrincione.

School tour was a blast; took over an hour and we saw a lot of big changes. Plenty of jokes about not finishing homework due over 25 years ago...

True story... I actually wrote a very short essay on the blackboard in Mr. Eck's classroom. It was entitled (what else): "What I Did For Summer Vacation"

Word is that Draper Park is better laid out for fun than Zinzer. Instead of two separate -- but connected -- parks, Draper is one big one. But next time we need to remember to pull all the picnic benches together so we're all not separated while eating.

Softball became Nerfball, which allowed everyone to play, young and old together.

Dinner cruise was everything one would hope it to be. Good food, sophisticated atmosphere, very attentive waiter staff. Best moment: passing by the feet of the Statue of Liberty while the pianist slowly built to a cresendo, playing "America, the Beautiful."

Afterwards, many wanted to continue the reunion and an impromptu event errupted: everyone met yet again at Mauds!

Alan's Third Reunion Report (Sunday, written Sunday night)

The weather finally caught up to us. Heavy rains hit early this morning, so less people came out for breakfast and the pool party. Still, there were about a dozen of us crammed into the largest booth in the Center Restaurant. While there, we bumped into Mr. Jonas Wagner and his wife Linda (he was an English teacher in our high school and directed plays during school and over the summers). It's a shame more teachers weren't represented. Hoping someone takes hunting down the teachers to heart next time. (And speaking of next time, if people begin to take videos of the reunion as well as photos, by the 30th we can begin streaming clips over the web! Hell, by the 35th we can be doing an inexpensive live webcast for those who couldn't attend!)

While Amy Farber dutifully waited at the pool for the rest of us (it stopped raining, but was still cloudy), a group of us hit the rainout location, Sporttime USA, and played pinball and foosball with each other and our kids.

As it was for the 20th, reunions are bitter-sweet for me. One may dread its approach, but once the reunion starts and you begin to feel the caring -- caring you didn't even know was ever there -- you don't want it to end.

All in all, it was a terrific time, but don't take MY word for it.
Here is a compilation of emails and bulletin board postings:

Jim Katzenstein

Alan. It was great seeing you again. You and Sue did a fantastic job pulling the 25th reunion off. Maud's was great as usual. Its always great seeing everybody from our class. Amy, you were right about the noise level at Maud's and the loss of hearing some of us have now. ( If you were with John, Kate and I, you would have heard a good hard of hearing joke. To bad I cant tell it here). Glad I was able to see Anita, Karen, and Nikki there. Draper Park was great. It was fun seeing everybody and their kids. Davey Rigg's was as funny as ever-Just ask Chuck. Chuck, If your gonna drive a Jag, why not a rag top? Pam, you have to do something about that! John, whats up with the family being barefoot? Do you have indoor plumbing where you live? (is it true that the pick-up line where you live is: "nice tooth"). David W., you got to get me the name of those crazy books you read. They sound good. Im amazed how many of you live in California-Alan, David, Pat, Zack. Glad you made it. Kate, I promise to get you a pictures of our gardens(Eileen is the real gardener, Im just the gopher). Billy, what does your wife feed you? You look younger than you did 5 years ago. Alan, it was great that you came over to the factory. Now you know how all "the stuff" that goes into ice cream is made. Any of you who want to visit my factory, feel free to. Im only across the river, in that God forsaken county-Rockland. Bring your kids, they will love it. It was really wonderful seeing you all again. Take care. Jim

Jeff Feinstein

As we left our last reunion event -- Sunday's get-together at the Sportime arcade -- my older son Zach asked me when the reunion would be held next year. When I explained that the next one wouldn't be for another five years he cried, "But I can't wait that long!" Neither can I. What a blast! Thanks to all my '75 friends for making Reunion Weekend so special. Being able to sustain such warmth, closeness, and love, over so many years, is truly amazing.




John Capuano

wow what a time....was only there for drinks at mauds and the draper park scene, but had a wonderful time...seeing all of these faces, a time in the distant past truely helped me put a few things in a better perspective...honestly, i spoke to people who i never had a chance to really speak with during high school...i had no idea what a wonderful group of people our entire class is....well almost.....

how self centered of me!...the word doesnt revolve around me, it orbits chuck's jaguar....

thanks again for the good time....will be there again......cap



Kate Hopkins Greenberg

Posted by Kate on August 01, 19100 at 11:36:47: Thanks to Alan for the cool & groovy web site, which I get a kick out of every time I visit, and for all the hard work put into rounding up the gang! (I also had a nice time talking to you & your wife) It was really great seeing everyone at Maudes, starting at the door at around 8:30, and working my way to the end of the bar by 12:30, I still missed talking to many classmates. Kim, Karen & Anita- you guys look the same as 1975 (thats a compliment), Jim- as last reunion, it was really nice talking to you and please send pictures of your gardens for inspiration!! Alison- as always you're a "happy meal". John- yeah you still have a little itty bitty special place in my heart, Irene- we didn't get to talk enough so e-me, Pat, David, Billy, Eric,Zach, Cindy, Louise,Amy, Kurt, Steve, Val and all else thanks for helping to make a night of fond memories. Sue thanks for Saturday's school tour (enjoyed even with throbbing head) and Draper Park picnic! My kids enjoyed eating bubbles and hunting for bugs. Unfortunely I missed out on the nerf ball,but I did enjoy watching a few people sweat and pant from it! I can't wait to get a recap of the boat ride from Pam. I don't know how you all did it. I was exhausted after the picnic, so much that my husband and I forgot that we had 2 cars and drove all the way to Stamford (in 1) before it dawned on us! OK thats enough, hope to see all again in 5 yrs and all of you "no shows" get off your butts and join in on the fun!!! Kate

Ray Paletta

alan, i just want to drop you a small note thanking you for all the time and effort into this years weekend gettaway. id like to call it that cause i got away from my kids! any way, thank you. R

RAYPALETTA@aol.com Posted by Ray Paletta on July 30, 19100 at 09:54:18: WOW, where do i start? Alan, thank you so much for inviting my wife and I to this wonderful boat ride. The food was terrific also! We had a great time, just wish it could have have been around 5 hours longer. You have put a lot of time and effort into this entire project, thank you. To Sue Kublock, also thank you so much for making sat night possible for me, you must be relieved this is over! Steve Bass, are you never going to change. You look younger now than you did in high school. Nikki, my god, you grew up into this beautiful woman, no way that was you as a kid, (please dont forget to send me those pages for me) To my new friend Joe O'Marra, Karen's husband who knew that I would be sitting next my brother's friend from high school (class of 68) god i hope the cat wasnt in sight when you guys got home! Irene Lori F. and Alison, I bet you won't order wine and champaign again! Laura T, you were the first girl to invite me to your birthday party. No i dont remember, but it was possibly 2nd or 3rd grade. Cindy and Amy, i wish i got to meet you guys. To Chuck Flemming and your lovely bride Pam, you guys have a great looking family. Its great to see that you have been with each other since, god, almost jr high school? I've got to admitt, I've known my wife since i was 16. As a matter of fact, i met Mary Jane on a date with your sister julie at a car show! AND TO EVERY ONE ELSE AT THE REUINION, THERE WERE SO MANY OF YOU, thank you for making June 29th, 2000 fun and memorable. Hope to see everyne on this web site 'til the 30th reunion. (For those of you who said i was never in school, i was, just look in your yearook. i made every picture day, and every event. i just waited on school street 'til the classes were over! (Except senior cut day; no one told me about that and i went to class like a boob and nobody was there!) Again, thank you every one, Ray Paletta

Niki Michaelides Cirrincione

Posted by Nicole Cirrincione on July 30, 19100 at 22:54:00: Just wanted to take the time to thank Jim K. for tracking me down and inviting me the 2000 Reunion. Ray P. Thanks for the beautiful compliment. But just in case you didn't say that - I would have my father pay you a visit at your house. Don't worry, I will remember the photos. Pat S. -- You are a blast. Thinking about visiting you out in Calif. Was that a legit invite? Ed S. -- Thanks for climbing into my car. BTW -- Lost my keys on purpose. Just wanted to see your legs hanging out the back of my Tracker! Pleasure meeting you. Cynthia B -- Wish we had more time to reacquaint and dance! Sorry, I missed you on Sunday. David H -- Finally!!!! I know who you are! I actually have a clear pix of you in my mind. It must have been a delayed reaction due to reunion overload. Billy K -- PLEASE DON'T TELL ANYONE THAT I HAD "THE BIGGEST" CRUSH EVER ON YOU. OOOPPPS! David W. Do you remember me yet? Thanks, had a nice time. Val-- Great reconnecting with you again. Felt like old times. Karen O. -- Please thank your husband Joe for taking Laurie and I around the block a few times. (Somewhat Kidding.) You look great! Anita K. -- Will say hello to your Mother and give me a shout when you have time. Alan F -- Thanks for making me feel so welcome and the chitchat was nice too! Because this email could go on forever Everyone -- It felt so good talking with all of you and reminiscing about my childhood. Sincerely Niki Michaelides

(Photo: Ray Paletta, Anita Kozminsky, David Walters and Niki Michaelides Cirrincione)

Amy Farber

You want impressions? I really dug this reunion. There was not a down moment for me. My favorite activities were the tour (I couldn't get enough of the creeps) and Maud's. I appreciated the lack of structure at Maud's. The only problem was that many of us can't hear that well anymore and our voices become easily strained from shouting. It was a good move on Susan's part to bring those yearbooks to the picnic. The cruise was fine, no problem, but it was the conversation that made it good, not the boat per se. Unfortunately, I did not attend any events on Sunday. In general, aside from its "meaningfulness" and all, the reunion for me is a unique form of entertainment. There is no substitute.

Why it takes a brave soul to attend a reunion: There is much to fear about attending a reunion. I am not talking about the fear that everyone is going to notice how wide your ass has become. I am not talking about the fear of humiliation (oh God he's going to tell that story about me once again!) or about the fear of boredom. I am thinking of two things: the first is the fear of self-discovery. It's like having eight years of therapy squeezed into one weekend. Gee - the consensus seems to be that I was weird then ... that can probably explain why I'm weird now! The second is the fear of being reminded that you can't go back. The door is closed! They ripped me out of that world, stuck me in another, did that a couple more times, and then stuck me in this world. I had better not get too cozy, because they'll rip me from this one and stick me in another. What if I don't like it! After the high of the reunion comes the crash.

I guess this would not constitute an advertisement for the 30th reunion.


Laura Tellekamp Kelly

Posted by laura on July 31, 19100 at 09:12:58: Sue and Alan, great job. The school tour was really fun. I don't know how most of you can remember who's classroom was who's. The dinner cruise was great. I wish it was a bit longer. I'm really sorry I missed Mauds. It sounded like that was the hit of the weekend. Oh well. It was good to see old classmates again. Those last 5 years went by quickly. Before you know it our 30th will be here. By the way Ray, I do believe it was 2nd grade. I also remember you gave me red gloves for my present. Next time we will have to actually sit and talk some. Laura

Irene Rusnak McKirgan

Posted by Irene McKirgan (rusnak) on August 01, 19100 at 11:15:09: Just wanted to say THANKS!!!!!! to all of you who helped organize the reunion. I know its alot of work and without those of you who take an active role, we would not have one. Many thanks!! I'll write my post reunion stuff later on in the week - trying to catch up on stuff at work Irene alias Rink

Chuck Fleming

Posted by Chuck Fleming on August 01, 19100 at 16:53:57: I hope the Republican Party enjoys the same boost after their convention that this board is receiving since the reunion. It was great seeing all of you. However, I would be remiss if I didn't extend an extra thank you to Alan, Sue, Nancy and anyone else who went above and beyond the call of duty. To my softball teammates of Eric, Jimmy, Irene (Co-MVP with Greg, Jim's son) and siblings, it was fun. To my opponents Cappy, Steve, Joey, Brothers to classmates and Husbands of classmates, maybe in five years the outcome will be different. I doubt it that !!! Allison, Thanks for capturing the moments in print. I am sure pictures will appear that no one will remember being taken. It was great seeing Rudd, Riggs, Billy, Karen, Kim, Val (Good luck with your baby), Nicki, Cindy, Jimmy, Tom and Pat Minozzi, Ray, Dave H, Dave W, and last but not least Corey.

Sue Stein Klubock

Posted by Sue Klubock on August 01, 19100 at 13:46:42: I'm still sorting out the financial aspects of the reunion. Any leftover $$ will be donated to the Hastings Educational Foundation. Thanks to Alan & Nancy for their help. Remember-You all made the reunion a success by attending, smiling and having fun!! Watching everyone interacting was an activity in itself. Where was everyone at Sportime USA on Sunday? Too tired? We could have had a full-out fuseball tournament. I have been soul-searching as to why I organized this again. The answer: I am the official class Jewish Mother/Grandmother. I just can't help it. Being an accountant and a detail-stickler is also a contributory factor. It was also much easier organizing the reunion from New York this time. Looking forward to seeing some of you at xmas time. (Ask Pat) Please send updated e-mails and addresses to Alan or myself. I'm glad we are all "grown-ups" now and are not competing for anything but friendship. Sue

Steve Bass

Posted by Steve Bass on August 07, 19100 at 17:49:51: I've now fully recovered after spending 3 hours on the tarmac at LaGuardia Monday night. Thanks to Alan and Sue in particular for a great job.

(Teri & Alan Fine, Steven Bass)

Pat Sinatra

Had a great time and I will miss you and the rest of the gang. Pat



(Niki Michaelides Cirrincione, David Walters, Patricia Sinatra)

(Billy Kotiadis, Cynthia Barr, David Heston)

New Picnic Pictures!

As we have so few pictures so far, I will endeavor to squeeze out as much as I can from this group photo taken at the picnic.
(See the blowups here.)