20th Reunion Memorial Fund Report (as of 12/2000)

In 1995 at the 20th reunion, our class took a collection in the memories of Jean Alexander, Chuck Caruso, Lisa Kowaleski, Scott Shivas and set up a scholarship fund for outstanding students of the following graduation year, the Class of '96.

Each of the four students received $450. With the help of the Guidance Department, we tried to honor students who had some of the qualities of our lost classmates.

  1. Athletic Achievement
  2. Scholastic Achievement
  3. Artistic Achievement
  4. Over-All Good Kid

Click here to see to see the 1996 graduation program and the student thank you notes.

Nancy Skultety Gagliardi helped to choose the worthy students and -- as you can see from the program -- was on hand to make the presentation. As you know, she currently chairs the Hastings Education Foundation, an independent, not-for-profit organization dedicated to enhancing educational opportunities in the Hastings Public Schools. (To learn more about the foundation, click here.)

During our school tour, we saw just how much this organization has done to improve our high school in an era of budget cuts. (That there were computers in so many classrooms and air conditioning are but two prime examples of their good work.)

With the passing of two more classmates, George I. Tully and Jeff Disch, we thought it might be a nice gesture to make a tax deductible gift to the Foundation in memory of all six classmates.

If you would like to do this, click here for a printable pledge form, or please send a check payable to the Hastings Education Foundation to:

Nancy Gagliardi
Hastings High School
Farragut Avenue
Hastings-on-Hudson, NY 10706

Thank you.